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Frequently Asked Questions

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What areas do you support?
BlueReview is currently available in the following areas:


  • What is BlueReview?
    BlueReview is a GIS-enabled mobile software product that helps customers reduce the cost and liability of managing and completing One-Call Center locate request tickets and other fieldwork. BlueReview is available from any web browser or our iPad or iPhone app. It’s simple to use and easy to learn. BlueReview includes features for managing information related to assets, work orders, customers, and parcels. You can add location data, files, photos, and notes to records; BlueReview ties it all together using GIS, and can integrate with your existing GIS information for added power. All information is stored on cloud-based servers, ensuring that your information is as safe as possible; no need for you to download, install, update, backup, or maintain anything.
  • Does BlueReview require each user to have a named user account in ArcGIS Online?
    Yes. Each user in BlueReview requires a named user in an ArcGIS Online organization. This allows you to access, use, and update information (depending on what privileges your company’s BlueReview administrator has granted them), giving you a complete picture of who, what, when, where, and why for all aspects of your work.
  • How many people can use it at once?
    There is no limit to the number of users that can use BlueReview at the same time. So, whether in the office or on the road your staff can access data and get work done.
  • Can you use BlueReview with a mobile device?
    Yes. Receiving and processing information in the field is one of the key goals of BlueReview. BlueReview runs on all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), including browsers built for mobile devices (other browsers will work as well, but we do not routinely test on or provide support for them). There is also a Bluereview.net app for iPad/iPhone, which can be downloaded free from the iTunes store. There is no extra cost for the app. However, a valid BlueReview user account and internet connection is required to log in and use the app or web-based system. BlueReview is tested on Android device web browsers. There is not an Android app yet, but we are currently evaluating customer interest.
  • Do the iPad and iPhone apps have all of the same features as the website?
    Not yet. The app was designed to be most efficient for a field worker; since most iPads are on a limited data plan, we only transfer the information that is really needed. Using a native iPad app allows for a faster, streamlined experience. We are working on adding functionality of all the BlueReview tools to the iPad and iPhone app, and plan to keep releasing app updates.
  • Is there a limit to how many requests I can process or how much data I can store?
    We currently have customers that process hundreds of locate requests every day, and our file storage system uses one of the largest and most reliable data hosting services available. BlueReview provides up to 10 GB of data storage. Additional storage may be purchased in 10 GB increments for $100. Up to 15,000/month processed location request or work order tickets are included in the annual subscription. Special rates apply to processing volumes in excess of 15,000/mo.

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