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BlueReview brings the power of Esri ArcGIS® into an easy, simple to use web-based tool and mobile app. Manage and complete One-Call Center locate tickets in real-time from your computer or mobile device. Go paperless and capture savings in time, fuel, maintenance, and equipment.

Tools to help you increase efficiency, reduce liability.

Take the Work out of Work Orders

Focus on the work, not the process of managing a work order. BlueReview helps real work get done. Use the Job Board to easily see, plan, and complete assigned tasks–individually or across the organization–on a daily basis.

More powerful tools and benefits!

Manage Utility Assets

Capture and record accurate, vital data about your utility assets and create a valuable decision-making tool.

Improve Customer Service

View service and work order status in real-time. Have information important to your customers at your fingertips.

Harness the Power of GIS

Zoom in, zoom out. See the priority and location of work assignments with the extremely precise on-screen GIS map.

Useful Calendar and Reporting

Quickly view work schedules and get powerful information about performance, workload, and assets.

Data Security and Back-Up

BlueReview practices industry standards for safe and secure data storage. Subscriptions include a 10-year data backup plan.

Friendly Customer Service

BlueReview is simple and easy-to-use. Should you need any help, we’re always available and more than happy to assist.

“One of the biggest advantages of BlueReview is the documentation. Records are instantly and digitally archived, maintained, and easy to retrieve. This saves time and provides liability protection if incidents occur down the road.”

“The app is so easy to use. It’s great in the field. There’s faster response and instant notification. BlueReview has eliminated a lot of paperwork and unnecessary trips to and from the office.”

“We recently had a contractor call in with a dispute. BlueReview saved us all kinds of time and money because we had records with a photo, time-stamp, and GPS location.”

“We are absolutely satisfied with BlueReview. Using BlueReview roughly saves us about .25 of a full-time equivalent—and more like .50 during the busy summer months.”

“We feel it has saved us time and money by being able receive, send and store information electronically out in the field, without the need of juggling paper. We find this has made us much more efficient and productive.”

“We are very pleased with the level of service BlueReview has provided us in keeping our locate requests organized, thereby allowing a faster and more accurate response.  Your program is easy to use and with one or two minor exceptions has run flawlessly.”

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