What can BlueReview do for you?

Office Work, Simplified.

You are the face and voice of your organization. Responding to customers, working closely with other staff, and keeping procedures running smoothly in the office can be a juggling act. BlueReview streamlines your responsibilities. Create more time and capacity to direct your skills, talents, and efforts in ways to move your entity forward. BlueReview helps you:

  • Go paperless and eliminate cumbersome filing. One-call Center tickets, work orders, and other field records, photos, and files are automatically and instantly bundled together and digitally filed as the work is completed.
  • Respond to customers empowered with real-time access to the status of work being completed in the field.
  • Communicate more effectively with customers, staff, contractors and others with clarity via on-screen GIS maps.
  • Assign and track work assignments with sleek scheduling features. Assign work by geographic area or work-type and view in the calendar and Job Board—all in real-time.
  • Leverage even more benefits through BlueReview partnerships and product integration with powerful industry-specific software leaders, including Cityworks® (July 2013) and Caselle® (August 2013).
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"One of the biggest advantages of BlueReview is the documentation. Records are instantly and digitally archived, maintained, and easy to retrieve. This saves time and provides liability protection if incidents occur down the road."

— Bill Young City of Logan