What can BlueReview do for you?

Offer Solutions. Fuel Decisions.

You initiate and deliver the planning, design, and implementation of solutions to advance your organization. From data and information systems to physical utility infrastructure assets, you find ways to benefit staff, management, customers, and community. BlueReview helps you:

  • Further innovate and utilize valuable GIS location information. BlueReview offers a web-enabled, Esri ArcGIS Server® integrated solution.
  • Accurately capture the time, date, condition, and GPS location for utility assets. Easily create a utility asset registry.
  • Empower decision making related to repairs, maintenance, replacement, or expansion. Organize and create a utility asset registry.
  • Go paperless with real-time, digital filing of field records. One-call Center tickets, work orders, and other field records, photos, and files are automatically and instantly bundled and archived for easy retrieval as the work is completed.
  • Leverage even more benefits through BlueReview partnerships and product integration with powerful industry-specific software leaders, including Cityworks® (July 2013) and Caselle® (August 2013).
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"One of the biggest advantages of BlueReview is the documentation. Records are instantly and digitally archived, maintained, and easy to retrieve. This saves time and provides liability protection if incidents occur down the road."

— Bill Young City of Logan