What can BlueReview do for you?

Fieldwork? Easy.

You are who gets it done. Safety, accuracy, efficiency, and meeting deadlines are all paramount to your job. To fit your on-the-go work style, BlueReview is mobile to help you:

  • See the priority and location of work assignments with the on-screen GIS map.
  • Track and plan your daily progress and assignments with real-time status updates on your BlueReview Job Board.
  • Have confidence that utility markings and other field assignments are being completed as accurately as possible with built-in GIS mapping.
  • Receive work assignments in real-time via your mobile device—no more unnecessary trips to and from the office.
  • Eliminate paperwork and hard copies. All documentation from the field, including reports, notes, and photos are all bundled, and digitally filed in real-time--all from your mobile device.
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"One of the biggest advantages of BlueReview is the documentation. Records are instantly and digitally archived, maintained, and easy to retrieve. This saves time and provides liability protection if incidents occur down the road."

— Bill Young City of Logan